• Many people have told us at Lifestyle Plus that this sketch is very pertinent to where they are at in life – at a junction and not sure which way to go. Do they continue down Rocky Road Left with a regular consumption of carbohydrates and processed foods, or do they turn right at the junction and continue down Rocky Road Right with diet drinks and low-fat foods. Either of these rocky roads will have much of the same outcome somewhere along the journey – and will ultimately lead to general ill health, obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

  • LSP – Straight ahead

    We all have a birthright to good health and well-being – our bodies should also have an innate ability to fight sickness and disease – and also a natural ability to heal itself. But, somewhere along the line these natural bodily functions have been compromised, along with most people’s energy levels.

    Maybe you are at a crossroads like this in your life – not knowing which way to go or turn – if so, help is at hand. The Lifestyle Plus programme is the accumulation of 15 years research and documentation. When it comes to good health and well-being, the Lifestyle Plus programme most definitely ticks all the right boxes by providing a few basic steps and products that could help guide you and your family to optimum health and well-being.

    Modern food processing and mineral-deficient soil has left us with a void when it comes to some vital immune supporting nutrients. Lifestyle Plus is seeking to change this in an easy to understand and easy to follow manner. All you have to do is continue eating good, wholesome foods, and thereafter the Lifestyle Plus programme will explain rationally and logically on how you can bridge the gap from the nutrients provided by modern-day foods, and the essential oils and minerals desired and required by your body

    This is not rocket science, but a few basic changes in your life may change your life forever – make the correct choice and good health and well-being may appear on the horizon – straight ahead!