The Lifestyle Plus programme

The Lifestyle Plus programme is the accumulation of 15 years research and documentation. When it comes to good health and well-being, the Lifestyle Plus programme most definitely ticks all the right boxes by providing a few basic steps and products that could help guide you and your family to optimum health and well-being. There is nothing more basic than tap water, which most people have in abundance. This website will share information with you on how to rejuvenate and vitalise regular tap water through an alkalising and ionising procedure. We will also introduce you to a Natural Mineral Supplement and a Natural Parent Essential Oils supplement in either capsule or liquid form


  • The Academics & the Nobel Prize Winner

    Otto Warburg M.D., Ph.D., winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1931, revealed during his research why we contract cancer; lack of oxygen at a cellular level – even a 35% reduction in oxygen may be enough to cause significant damage to the cell. Deprivation of a regular and plentiful supply of oxygen creates a very serious and dangerous environment for a cell. Professor Brian Scott Peskin has dedicated years of his life to bring forth the incredible work of Dr Warburg, regarding the prime cause of cancer. The following documentation has been written by Professor Peskin and abstracted from the Peo Solution book, which he co-authored with Robert Jay Rowen M.D.

    Lack of cellular oxygenation-hypoxia – is the prime cause of cancer
    As documented in The Hidden Story of Cancer, Nobel Prize-winner Otto Warburg, M.D., Ph.D., proved why we contract cancer: Lack of cellular oxygenation. This was verified by American physicians and scientists, but no one knew how to increase cellular oxygenation. PEO Solution stands on his shoulders with the solution – based on state-of-the-art medical science. Adulteration of PEOs – in particular, the Parent omega-6 component – is the physiologic basis of the decreased cellular oxygenation. PEO Solution is the remedy!
    No one needs to contract cancer. I am aware that Dr. Warburg has had many detractors. Regardless, he was never shown to be fundamentally wrong. The mistakes his detractors make are so egregious that I was forced to devote an entire chapter in The Hidden Story of Cancer to debunk their foolish positions.
    Those familiar with my work already know that cancer’s prime cause is lack of oxygen (hypoxia) to the cell / tissue. The lack of oxygen can be, and often is, intermittent. Cancer can take decades to manifest because the affect is accumulative. All cancers have this prime cause, although there are numerous secondary causes – all leading back to the prime cause. Inflammation comes in large part through consumption of already oxidised Parent omega-6 through food processing. (Chronic) inflammation “burns” precious oxygen and causes chronic deficiencies throughout the body. PEOs are one of the best defenses against the lack of sufficient cellular oxygen.
  • Why alkaline ionised water

    Modern lifestyles have resulted in our bodies becoming more acidic, mainly through foods, drinks, environmental chemicals and stress. When a body is in a state of chronic over-acidity, it easily creates an environment for fatigue, inflammation and pain to flourish. As this is not a natural body state, the body’s innate ability is to regulate the pH of the blood within its optimal range and will fight to maintain this fine balance. It’s time to give it a helping hand by drinking Lifestyle Plus alkaline ionised water.

    An alkaline body is well known to be more resistant to disease and cancer.

    Robert Jay Rowan M.D.., co-author of the ‘PEO Solution’

    When a goldfish is ill we don’t medicate it direct, we replace the water in the bowl to change its whole environment. When it comes to hydration, it’s not about the amount of water or liquid you consume – the deciding factor rests on the quality and ultimately how much is actually utilised by your body. LSP alkaline ionised water forms water sometimes referred to as reduced water, because of its lower molecular weight and the smaller size of its clusters. This reduced water can penetrate further, enabling our body to become super-hydrated. Therefore LSP alkaline ionised water is an excellent choice for our hydration, it has amazing health and wellness benefits – every nook and cranny of your body will be hydrated.

  • Back on track

    The first thing you need to do before commencing on the Lifestyle Plus programme is to open your mind and believe you are on the road to good health and well-being. Then as you start to follow the guidance, listen to your own body and its infinite wisdom – it has an innate and natural ability to look after you and keep you on the right track. But, for a long time now most people have veered off course after listening to some so called ‘experts’, even some with a vested interest in their own bank balance – irrespective of your health and well-being.

    This is not rocket science, but a few basic changes in your life may change your life forever!

  • Why Lifestyle Plus supplements

    Modern food processing and mineral-deficient soil has left us with a void when it comes to some vital immune supporting nutrients. Lifestyle Plus is seeking to change this in an easy to understand and easy to follow manner – all you have to do is continue eating good, wholesome foods, and thereafter the Lifestyle Plus programme will explain rationally and logically on how you can bridge the gap from the nutrients provided by modern-day foods, and the essential oils and minerals desired and required by your body.

    At Lifestyle Plus we specialise in providing a few pivotal supplements to replenish your body with critical and essential nutrients it requires to function at optimum efficiency. Some of us at Lifestyle Plus have consumed Natural Parent Essential Oils (PEOs) and a Natural Mineral Supplement for the best part of 15 years. In an ever-changing market they have stood the test of time – very few health supplements have been around long enough to make a similar longevity claim. The strategy for this success is simple – provide quality products at a fair price and you will see well-satisfied clients return again and again. Our enthusiasm is genuine, a belief created by personal consumption and then compounded by witnessing family and friends extolling the virtues of their personal consumption of these quality supplements.

    We have all heard the age-old saying; “You are what you eat”. Can there ever be a more relevant statement when it comes to our health and well-being – try putting the wrong fuel in your car and you’ll probably be walking home. On the other hand, when using our products you may notice a reluctance to snack on junk foods – thereby saving money on groceries, and then by feeling really good – it’s a total win, win situation for you and your family.

  • Possible benefits of the LSP Programme

    • – Arthritis / inflammation reduction
    • – Better appetite fulfilment
    • – Cellulite reduction
    • – Decreased stress levels
    • – Desired body weight
    • – Elasticated / healthier / smoother / softer skin
    • – Faster growing / healthier hair
    • – Faster healing
    • – Faster workout recovery
    • – Fewer / less severe headaches
    • – Glucose metabolism
    • – Healthier eyes
    • – Healthier heart
    • – Healthier immune system
    • – Increased hormonal efficiency / production
    • – Improved bone / dental health
    • – Improved blood health
    • – Increased alkaline state
    • – Increased feeling of well-being
    • – Increased mental clarity
    • – Increased oxygenation to the cells
    • – Less joint pain
    • – More energy
    • – More restful sleep
    • – Reduced food cravings / snacking
    • – Stronger / smoother nails