LSP Alkaline Water Ioniser


An amazing investment for you and your family, an initial outlay which will provide many years of the best quality alkaline ionised water available – to super hydrate, help detox the body and increase energy levels – simply by helping you and your family, including pets return to and maintain an alkaline, balanced state. This benefit will be compounded by the ability of the alkaline ionised water to cleanse and remove contaminants from fruit and vegetables. All this help is available by simply restructuring your regular tap water.

The LSP Ioniser comes with a five year warranty – based on this timescale, an investment of just £0.66 per day. Apart from any charges from your water supplier, you would only need to replace the internal filters every 6 to 12 months (based on the quality of the regular tap water and machine usage). The replacement filters cost £60 for the pair.


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Weight 10 kg