Parent Essential Oils (PEOs) or fish oils

Most people are well aware of how important fat is to our bodies – fat is vital for healthy eyes, cells, heart, hormones, immune system, kidneys, liver and more. Who can disagree with the fact, that since the introduction of low-fat foods the nation has become fatter and sicker by the day? Omega-3 and omega-6 should be available in our foods, but this has been compromised by the manner our food is being raised and processed. Livestock are often fed with grains rather than being allowed to eat grass from a pasture, and an omega fat is very delicate and is easily distorted by heat or processing. All of this has resulted in people being deficient in the healthy fats required and desired by our bodies to function at optimum efficiency. It therefore makes sense to supplement our intake of omega-3 and omega-6. Healthy fats being a life essential nutrient is not in question – the question is; what is the best available source of fat, is it fish oils or plant-based seed oils? There are literally thousands of ’omega’ supplements to choose from, it is a massive industry – lots of money being spent, it would therefore be wise for you to consider all the options and then carry out your own due diligence before opening your purse or wallet. Do not get caught up in the hype when it comes to the next ‘miracle supplement’. Where did krill oil come from? Krill was always known as a tiny sea creature usually eaten by whales. All of a sudden it’s another commonly used marine oil supplement – one of many that does not provide the precise physiologic, metabolic pathway by which it supposedly works.

Parent Essential Oils – Understanding the real effects of fish oils
Professor Brian Scott Peskin presents evidence from his new book that contradicts the current received wisdom of the ‘benefits’ of fish oils and argues why, in normally recommended amounts, they are actually harmful and contribute to cardiovascular and other degenerative diseases.
Countries around the world frequently adopt America’s health recommendations, but are these recommendations always based on accurate science? No. A prime example is those for fish oil.
Fish oil has become America’s number 1 supplement in spite of medical science being unequivocal that, for the vast majority of patients, fish oil is harmful – PEO Solution devotes chapter 7 and a significant scientific support section (which is available on the internet for all to review at
In 2013 the medical community was taken aback when a superbly conducted clinical trial published in America’s top medical journal, New England Journal of Medicine, conclusively showed no effect in cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention based on 12,000 patients and 860 practitioners. This prompted eminent cardiologist Eric Topel, MD, editor-in-chief of Medscape, to advise patients to ‘stop taking it’. Furthermore, another bombshell hit in 2013, published in Journal of National Cancer Institute, showing fish oil – contrary to preventing cancer – caused prostate cancer, and concluded that fish oil is worse than even trans-fats

– Caduceus Journal, Winter 2013

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    Lifestyle Plus Parent Essential Oils are fundamentally omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids (EFAs) in ‘Parent’ form, technically Alpha Linoleic Acid (ALA) and Linoleic Acid (LA) along with omega-9. Organically produced plant-based, cold-pressed seed oils, formatted in the proper ratio to balance the Parent omega-3 and Parent omega-6. Most people have heard of essential fatty acids (EFAs) and how important and essential they are for your body to run at optimum efficiency. Let us now expand on that a little; an omega is a very delicate fat that heat and processing distorts and is one reason marine-based oils will not provide the consumer with the desired parent form – and consuming fish oils will at best, provide a derivative of an omega-3.

    What is of paramount importance, is that your body cannot use a derivative fat to create the parent fat, and as it needs and requires around 95% of its fats in parent form, it makes no sense whatsoever to focus on supplementing a derivative oil such as EPA or DHA as the primary supplement. As the body cannot use a derivative, needing the parent form – consumption of fish oils will only serve to create an over-abundance of the derivatives EPA and DHA, this ‘overdose’ can cause serious health problems. Eating fish is great, your body can use the oil from the fish in a good proportion as nature intended, as against mega-dosing on the derivatives by consuming fish oils.

    On closing I’ll leave you with a quality-related question, do you imagine the best quality fish being ground up and pressed for manufacturing supplements, or are they more likely to be sold to markets and restaurants for top dollar?


Parent Essential Oils


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