The missing nutrients

Minerals and vitamins are coenzymes that work together in many vital functions throughout the body, including the brain, but many people are deficient in these essential minerals, mainly due to modern-day commercial farming methods and food processing. Nature intended us to have an abundant source of dietary-gained minerals, but if the soil is deficient, it stands to reason that the plants and livestock may be deficient as well. Humans are thereafter next in line for the missing link, when it comes to insufficient mineral consumption. Many of these animals have also had their feeding methods changed and are now fed foods that do not provide proper nutrition. Since time began livestock have been allowed to eat from grass pastures, but that has been compromised during modern times with many animals now being fed grains.

We also have to consider the introduction and increasing use of genetically modified seeds being used in the food chain – what impact have these genetically engineered changes made on the nutritional value of foods, affecting both livestock and humans? Nature also intended for us to have fruit and vegetables ripened on the plant, but this has also been compromised by modern-day harvesting methods, as produce is often picked early and allowed to ripen during storage or transportation

Lifestyle Plus Natural Minerals

Minerals and vitamins work together as cofactors to make our biochemical reactors work many times more effectively. Neither of these can be made by the body – they must be gained via the diet. Although a healthy diet will have sufficient vitamins, without the minerals also being present the body cannot properly facilitate the absorption of vitamins. Minerals can only be used by the body if they are bonded to a protein, in a process termed chelation – the protein is what pulls the minerals into the cell. Minerals unattached to the protein would quite simply pass through the body. Lifestyle Plus use minerals supplied by Albion Labs® as they have created a patented process for chelation and are recognised as having the finest minerals available.

As we are struggling to consume a sufficient amount of minerals from our food chain, resulting from over-farming and food processing, it makes so much sense for us to consume additional dietary minerals. To overcome this imbalance, Lifestyle Plus Natural Mineral Supplement is the perfect choice – available in a 60-capsule pot, and by consuming 2 capsules per day the pot will last you 30-days. Consumption of these essential minerals on a daily basis, accompanied with a good, healthy diet will introduce your body to all the minerals and vitamins it requires to function properly.

  • Possible benefits of mineral consumption

    • – Faster workout recovery
    • – Glucose metabolism
    • – Healthier immune system
    • – Helps joints
    • – Helps with arthritis
    • – Improved blood health
    • – Improved bone health
    • – Inflammation reduction
    • – More energy
  • Ingredients

    The ingredients:

    Iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, chromium, boron and vegetable capsules.

    A blend of the eight most deficient, but essential minerals, in an amount and bio-available format easily recognised and used by the body for maximum benefit – as nature intended. Lifestyle Plus Natural Minerals have been carefully crafted without the need or use of additives or preservatives.


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