me sept 2013

“These two photographs were pivotal for me, taken by my eldest son on a night out to celebrate my 40th birthday in December 2013. When I viewed them the morning after, I was horrified and knew I had to make a drastic change, but like most people I was on a rocky road and nothing was working for me. It was not until April 2014 I decided to follow the guidance of the Lifestyle Plus programme, complete with alkaline ionised water, PEO’s and the Natural Mineral Supplement – it is simple, logical and easy to follow”. Brian Murray


After 14 months on the Lifestyle Plus programme

June 2015 – 6 stone lighter “The weight loss side of things has been great, but that is easily not the only benefit, I have seen my energy levels increase, my skin feels and looks so much better, my thinking is clearer than ever, and I feel much more confident about myself – overall I feel fantastic! The Lifestyle Plus Programme has stopped me being a slave to food, my cravings have all but gone, for the first time in my life I eat salads – which is totally alien to me, as I wouldn’t eat them before and even now I am still surprised at how much I enjoy them. The best thing with this programme for me, was it all made sense, a simple case of eating good wholesome foods, taking the right supplements and hydrating the body with the best source of water available. I now ignore any guidance from the so called food ‘experts’ and listen to my own body.”