• What could the LSP programme do for me?

    The Lifestyle Plus programme is the accumulation of 15 years research and documentation. When it comes to good health and well-being the Lifestyle Plus programme most definitely ticks all the right boxes by providing a few basic steps and products that could help guide you and your family to optimum health and well-being – it may even help you put the spring back in your step!

  • What could alkaline ionised water do for me?

    If you choose to consume LSP alkaline ionised drinking water, the quality of the end product will become apparent to you and fundamentally aid your body in returning to an alkaline, balanced state. You will probably also savour the clean and fresh taste of LSP water, and ultimately the return to optimal health. When it comes to hydration, it’s not about how much water or liquid you consume – the deciding factor rests on the quality and ultimately how much is actually utilised by your body. Good quality water should have the ability to properly hydrate your body, purify the blood, strengthen the immune system and properly eliminate waste and harmful toxins.

  • What could PEO’s do for me?

    Many people are deficient in essential oils, or overdosing in harmful trans-fats or both – as the food processors either remove or damage these precious Parent EFAs. To combat this imbalance, Lifestyle Plus Parent Essential Oils are ideally suited to replenish your body’s desired and required intake of Parent EFAs – available in either capsule or liquid form. As you start to feel the benefit of consumption, and as you correct a Parent Essential Oil deficiency, your appetite may change by reducing your cravings and by turning off the constant hunger switch – it therefore stands to reason that these supplements may be cost-effective for you.

  • What could Natural Minerals do for me?

    Minerals and vitamins work together as cofactors to make our biochemical reactors work many times more effectively. Neither of these can be made by the body – they must be gained via the diet. Although a healthy diet will have sufficient vitamins, without the minerals also being present the body cannot properly facilitate the absorption of vitamins. Minerals can only be used by the body if they are bonded to a protein, in a process termed chelation – the protein is what pulls the minerals into the cell. Minerals unattached to the protein would quite simply pass through the body. Lifestyle Plus use minerals supplied by Albion Labs® as they have created a patented process for chelation and are recognised as having the finest minerals available.

  • Could the LSP programme help me lose weight?

    Excess acid creates a toxic environment for our body, to prevent further damage and as a life preserving mechanism this acidity is then stored in our body fat to protect our vital organs. This then creates an ultimate recipe for long-term excess body weight problems – if we don’t release the acid we can’t reduce the body weight, as the body needs the storage space. This is why some people can lose weight, but then plateau with the last 7-14lbs – as we consume alkaline ionised water and start to move towards an alkaline state, body fat will be easier to shift and we can then reach our desired body weight.

  • Could the LSP programme improve my skin tone?

    Many everyday foods contain an abundance of sugar, additives and chemicals, which are all acid-based and after consumption will create acidic waste products in the body, and by doing so are the root cause of people prematurely ageing. As we age and accumulate acidic waste products, the skin is a reflection of what is happening in the body at cellular level. If the skin is ageing, dehydrated and lifeless, the 100 trillion cells in the body will be ageing, dehydrated and lifeless as well. This can all be remedied by consuming alkaline ionised water, to help you super-hydrate your body, and to also dispose of acidic wastes, and as you return to an alkaline state, your skin will be revitalised and return to a glowing, natural radiance – clear and smooth skin from the inside out.