Tap water is normally pH 7, which is neutral on the pH scale 0 to 14, it will also have a redox potential of around +400 to +500 mV, when measured with an oxidation-reduction potential meter (ORP) – regular tap water also has large, irregular shaped molecules. A flick of the water control switch at your tap will divert the flow of water via the Lifestyle Plus alkaline water ioniser. The first operation is a 4-stage filtration process through the dual internal filters; thereafter the alkaline and acid waters are produced through electrolysis – this water will now benefit from gaining an excess amount of electrons. This water has also benefitted from being changed structurally; the cluster size has now been reduced to about half the size and adopted a hexagonal shape, which significantly improves the ability of this restructured water to penetrate at cellular level and hydrate the body.

There are three stages of alkalinity available, ranging between pH 8 to pH 11.2, the first two stages are suitable for drinking. The alkalised ionised water will have a negative redox potential of approximately -380 to -850 mV and is now ready for a multitude of uses, including drinking, cleaning and cooking. The redox potential or ORP can be either a positive or a negative number. When it’s a positive number it will oxidise and prematurely age anything it comes into contact with or on the other hand when it’s a negative number, it’s an anti-oxidant and as such will reduce whatever it comes into contact with. We all know how important anti-oxidants are to our health, well-being and longevity.


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    There is also a purified water function, in which the tap water has been subjected only to the filtration process, which produces water to be taken with medication or to be given to young children. Finally there are two levels of acidic water available, which vary between pH 2.5 to pH 6.5, these levels will fluctuate depending on the level of water flowing through the machine. These pH levels can also be altered with movement of the mixer tap and the end result witnessed on the LCD screen. This acidic water can be used for cleaning and even in the beauty department as a natural skin cleanser and toner.

Food preparation in the kitchen


Lifestyle Plus alkaline ionised water can also help you prepare dinner by cleansing your fruit and vegetables. Some of the present day chemicals used in food production are oil based, and as you may be aware oil and water do not mix. This is why the left hand bowl containing tap water was only marginally able to remove some of the contaminants from the tomato skin and the water only looks slightly discoloured – as against the right hand bowl, which had restructured alkaline ionised pH11 water. The tomatoes were left to soak for 5 minutes in each bowl, after a taste test the alkaline ionised water cleansed tomatoes tasted significantly better – hardly surprising on reflection of what was left behind in the bowl by the Organic Vine Ripened Cherry Tomatoes.

Smaller water clusters penetrate further


The alkaline ionised water clusters will now be approximately half the size of tap water clusters – this is why ionised water is more readily absorbed by the body than untreated tap water. When it comes to demonstrating the difference in size of the water clusters, the proof is in the making of cold tea – check out the above photographs. The glass on the left contains regular tap water; the glass on the right contains alkaline ionised pH 9 water – as you can see the cold ionised reduced water can easily penetrate the teabag, whereas it is much more of a challenge for the cold tap water.