Welcome to the Lifestyle Plus website.

When it comes to health information, especially when concerning food and drink most people admit to being confused, having been constantly bombarded with mixed messages on what is good and what is bad, what is right and what is wrong. The purpose of this website is to change this by filling in the many blanks, particularly by sharing guidance on the importance of eating a healthy balanced diet (more akin to what our grandparents ate), hydrate properly and to consume 2 natural supplements of essential nutrients missing from the present-day food chain.

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    This is science not opinion. Nobody needs another opinion – what we need is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. When people have been furnished with the proper information, they can then make any desired changes for themselves and their families. Thereafter, we just need to take time to listen to our own bodies.

    If you are concerned or affected by the ever increasing incidence of allergies, ill health, mental health disorders, neurological illness, obesity, and pregnancy or reproductive problems, you may wish to consider this guidance carefully. Thereafter, for conclusive proof you can carry out your own due diligence, but always remember that your health is your No 1 wealth – it’s time to create your own destiny!

    Everyone has a birthright to be fit, happy and healthy, but many people have veered off-course after listening to some so called ‘experts’ – it is now time to guide these people back to being the best they can be. Lifestyle Plus is dedicated to helping people in their desire to achieve and maintain good health and well-being.

    The remit of Lifestyle Plus is to help create awareness, and for many people the age-old saying; ‘We are what we eat’ will become even more relevant as much of this guidance will appear on the radar for the very first time. On reading the LSP documentation, people will have the luxury of making an educated decision on not just their own health and well-being, but that of everyone in their family.

    This is not rocket science, but a few basic changes in your life may change your life forever!

    The Lifestyle Plus’ name and formula say it all; Let’s put the spring back in your step.